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  • February

    USACE Sacramento District archaeology study nationally recognized

    Government and science synchronized in perfect alignment in 2003 when a Department of Defense base realignment and closure, or BRAC, action enabled a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers archaeological team to produce an impressive 3,554-acre survey of an ancient hunting site and help transfer ownership of the 69,000-acre-plus former gunnery range back to the state of California -- all in just five months.
  • More numbers equal success for USACE, its customers

    When agencies are already using a numbering system to track its projects, implementing a new multi-agency system with more numbers does not seem very innovative, however, for a group of project managers at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Europe District and their customers -- additional numbers into the equation equals success.
  • St. Louis ecosystem restoration project highlights importance of wetlands

    Often found where rivers, lakes and oceans meet land, wetlands provide a rich mix of nutrients and produce high levels of oxygen. Additionally, they filter chemicals out of water, reduce flooding and erosion and recharge groundwater.
  • GSL researcher selected for leadership post at TRB

    ERDC Geotechnical and Structures Laboratory (GSL) Researcher Dr. Lucy Priddy was selected to serve as vice-chair, Transportation Research Board (TRB) Young Members Council (YMC) at the board's annual meeting in Washington, D.C., Jan. 23–27.
  • EL engineer appointed to board, Journal of Soils and Sediments

    ERDC Environmental Laboratory's (EL) Dr. Trudy Estes, a research civil engineer, was recently appointed to the editorial board of the Journal of Soils and Sediments and will serve a three-year term as a subject editor for "Section 5: Sediment Management.