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  • August

    Huntsville Center’s professional development program provides foundation for future leaders

    The eight-month long program utilized a variety of methods for delivering content to develop competencies including: communication, time management, conflict management, customer service, contribution to mission.
  • Smart Transportation Testbed pilot program underway in Colorado

    The Smart Transportation Testbed, a yearlong pilot program to plan, develop, demonstrate and employ automated vehicle (AV) technologies, is currently underway at Fort Carson, Colorado. The project, managed by the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC), is designed to determine how AV technology can help the military reduce transportation costs, improve public safety and enable faster delivery of services.
  • IWR's Risk Analysis Gateway Supporting USACE's Enterprise Risk Management

    The Corps of Engineers is striving to become an Enterprise Risk Management organization where risk informed decision making (RIDM) advances our Military and Civil Works project delivery. To support this effort, IWR's Risk Analysis Gateway is a resource to advance organizational awareness and intelligence in managing risk. Visit our site to learn more about risk analysis, risk communication, risk assessment, and risk management.
  • Mosquito abatement slated over Craney Island on Monday

    Federal property of Craney Island is slated for mosquito-larvae abatement Monday.
  • Critical drainage channels to be maintained

    Throughout its history, the Lower Mississippi River Flood Plain has been besieged by floodwaters; that’s why flood risk management is one of the Memphis District's major mission areas. We serve as the first line of defense for the entire lower Valley. Working to execute this mission and serving as that first line of defense, a Memphis District Project Delivery Team awarded three major contracts to perform maintenance on drainage channels 1 and 251, which are located in the Little River Drainage District in Southeast Missouri. The contracts are for lower Ditch 251, upper Ditch 251, and upper Ditch 1 and authorize contractors to go in and return a total of 89 miles worth of drainage channels to their authorized level of flood protection.