US Army Corps of Engineers
Transatlantic Division

WINCHESTER, Va. - Transatlantic Division Commander Brig. Gen. Robert Carlson high-fives one of the teams after testing their bridge.

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Veterans working for the support of Veterans
Maximizing the efforts and emphasizing the importance of a team's skillset across the Afghanistan theater, all in support of Veterans and their stability. ...
Deployed Engineer awarded Bronze de Fleury Medal
In an intimate ceremony on Bagram Airfield Oct. 22, 2019, Army Maj. Mark Lojewski received one of the highest awards a member of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) can receive – the Army...
Civilian promotions still possible while deployed with Afghanistan District
Civilian members of the USACE team volunteer to deploy to the Afghanistan District for a variety of reasons, with experience, increased pay, and being part of something special topping the list. But...

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