The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Transatlantic Division serves as USACE’s tip of the spear in one of the most dynamic construction environments in the world, STRENGTHENING PARTNERSHIPS, BUILDING CAPACITY, and ENHANCING SECURITY for our nation, allies, and partners. 

We SAFELY deliver agile, responsive, and innovative, design, construction, engineering and contingency solutions in support of U.S. Central Command, U.S. Special Operations Command and other global partners to advance national security interests.

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Archive: 2018
  • December

    Afghanistan District Year in Review: 2018

    We are USACE, We are the Afghanistan District and we look back on a very successful delivery of fast, affordable, and quality projects to build capacity within the population of Afghanistan in order to shape the future.
  • More power to you

    “You know you give me a transformer or generator that’s not working, I’m your guy, when it comes to writing stuff down on paper, probably someone else could do it”, said Hodges.
  • USACE Buffalo District holds project delivery stand down

    Imagine you were just entrusted with a huge project and you want to deliver the best product you can; what do you do? The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Buffalo District is always asking this question with every project we are entrusted with by our nation. In order to perform at our best, Buffalo District recently held an off-site project delivery business process stand down meeting.
  • Bob Fox awarded Defense Acquisition Workforce Achievement Award

    The Middle East District’s Robert “Bob” Fox has been awarded the 2018 Defense Acquisition Workforce Individual Achievement, Flexibility in Contracting and Development Innovation Award for Facilities Engineering.
  • Contractor’s near-miss accident highlights the importance of safety gear

    A U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ subcontractor working at a debris removal site in Calhoun County, Georgia, recently learned a valuable lesson about the importance of wearing the proper safety gear.