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  • March

    Plug removed at Kissimmee River Restoration project, connecting oxbow to canal

    The Kissimmee River Restoration project is a congressionally authorized undertaking sponsored by the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers and the South Florida Water Management District, the non-federal sponsor. The project encompasses the removal of two water control structures, filling approximately 22 miles of canal, and restoring over 40 square miles of the river channel and floodplain ecosystem, including approximately 27,000 acres of wetlands.
  • USACE translates water safety messages to reach multi-lingual audiences

    A significant number of immigrants are from regions of the world where the lakes and rivers are shallow and offer little or no current. They are unaware of the dangers of the Mississippi River, like strong currents, locks and dams, wing dams and snags. (Photo provided by Hilary Markin)
  • Nashville District announces employee of the month for January 2012

    NASHVILLE, Tenn. (March 19, 2012) – Lesslie Y. Williams, a budget technician in the Mid Cumberland Area office at Center Hill Lake in Lancaster, Tenn., is the Nashville District’s Employee of the Month for January 2012.
  • CERL Team Claims Honor

    A team from the Construction Engineering Research Laboratory received the Program Development Achievement Award for developing a robust basic research program in biosensing and bioenergy.
  • Corps, CalGuard open youth facility

    The Corps managed the $1.6 million renovation project constructed by contractor Alpine Diversified, Inc., of Palmdale, Calif. Alpine performed the work within budget and nearly three months ahead of schedule. The contractor renovated nine classrooms and several offices, turning dilapidated buildings into world-class teaching facilities.