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  • March

    Corps prepares water diversion at Maryville's Greenbelt Lake

    Work crews began installing aqua levee systems Feb. 29, 2012 on Pistol and Brown Creeks that will act as makeshift coffer dams. Pumps capable of moving up to 6,900 gallons per minute are in place and ready to divert water collected from these streams through pipes around Greenbelt Lake.
  • Project Spotlight: Lower Assunpink Creek Ecosystem Restoration

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' Philadelphia District and the City of Trenton are working to restore part of the Assunpink Creek ecosystem.
  • Federal partnership brings students closer to Mississippi River, STEM

    Nearly 8,000 children of all ages played in the Mississippi River and learned to navigate the Mighty Miss Feb. 25-26, 2012 when the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers St. Louis District and the U.S. Coast Guard Sector Upper Mississippi River participated in Engineer Week at the St. Louis Science Center.
  • ERDC researchers visit school for Engineering Month

    ERDC Topographic Engineering Center (TEC) Mathematician Katlyn Winter and Nicole Wayant, a graduate of the Department of Defense and ERDC Science, Mathematics and Research for Transformation (SMART) program and currently a TEC geographer and mathematician, recently provided a presentation on the inter disciplinary relationships between math and geography for second and sixth graders at Fort Belvoir Elementary School.
  • ERDC coordinates STTR proposal, industrial production of super fiber

    ERDC's Advanced Materials Initiative (AMI) program produced a scalable molecular design for a carbon nanotube-based fiber with a maximum ultimate tensile strength of 8.6 million pounds per square inch (psi) (60-GPa), or about 86 times that of high-strength steel.