The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Transatlantic Division serves as USACE’s tip of the spear in one of the most dynamic construction environments in the world, STRENGTHENING PARTNERSHIPS, BUILDING CAPACITY, and ENHANCING SECURITY for our nation, allies, and partners. 

We deliver agile, responsive, and innovative, design, construction, engineering and contingency solutions in support of U.S. Central Command, U.S. Special Operations Command and other global partners to advance national security interests.

Transatlantic Division News

  • November

    Fiorillo earns the Defense Meritorious Service Medal

    Staff Sgt. Vincent V. Fiorillo displayed exceptional service to the U. S. Army, distinguishing himself with meritorious service as Detachment Non-commissioned Officer in charge of the USACE Project Office, Afghanistan District, Mazar-e-Sharif, located at Camp Marmal.
  • The "Hawk" has landed

    On the day after Veterans Day there is a service member, home from Afghanistan who has worn both the uniform of the U. S. Army and that of the USACE Civilian, volunteering his time, again away from family and friends to simply just "Serve".
  • Supporting the Warfighter Every Day

    Every project, every program, and every task supports the warfighter every day. That’s the role of
  • Henderson receives the Superior Civilian Service Award

    Spending two years in a contingency environment provides the opportunity to touch almost every project that USACE is involved in.
  • He is a professional who can Wade through anything

    Army Commendation Medal is presented to Sgt. 1st Class Derrick Wade as he concludes his overseas tour with USACE in Afghanistan.
  • Solomon is synonymous with Small Business

    Small Business Chief from Seattle District attended the 2018 Small Business Conference in New Orleans following a very successful tour to the Afghanistan District.
  • October

    Construction project provides functional space for Afghan Air Force aircraft

    USACE Afghanistan District again fulfills its number one priority by Delivering the Program to one of our customers in the Afghan National Air Force.
  • Valuable face-to-face meetings

    Building Capacity in a contingency environment is not always optimal, but the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers in Afghanistan maintains a steady pace with its projects and programs. In a recent visit to Kandahar, the Deputy Commanding Officer of the USACE Afghanistan District joined Construction Division along with Project Engineer, Brian Cagle on a trip to the Kandahar Air Wing (KAW) Well Site and Sewage Plant to perform Quality Assurance and Quality Check on the progress. The group visited the portions of the project located inside the Kandahar Air Wing area. In particular, they looked at and discussed the progress of the new water well which is currently in the water quality and quantity testing phase. They were able to meet in person with the Contractor project manager and quality control manager as well as the USACE Local National Quality Assurance Representative (LNQA). “We have regular teleconferences with these personnel involved with these projects,” said Cagle, “but it is extremely valuable to have face-to-face meetings to facilitate the spirit of cooperation with our Afghan partners.”
  • Afghanistan District hits the Trifecta with Redepoyed members

    It was a win-win situation throughout the past year and a half for the Afghanistan District with members who volunteered to deploy in support of operations in theater, supporting the USACE mission.
  • Partnering up for Perfection

    USACE Afghanistan partners with our German and coalition forces.