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Medical Requirements for tour extensions and annual medical updates

The policy for submitting updated medical information has changed. Please read the following steps very carefully to be able to successfully navigate the revised process.

• There is a new interim history and physical examination form required to be downloaded and completed.
• The audiogram and HIV tests have been removed as extension and update requirements.
• The other standards are still required and the results must be submitted with the completed Deployment Medical Extension Form (DMEF).

Step 1. Carefully read the Medical Update Guide for Tour Extension
Step 2. Determine which of the four categories in the Tour Extension Table applies to you
Step 3. Review the six conditions that require additional blood tests
Step 4. Complete the History section of the DMEF and print it to give to your doctor
Step 5. Have the doctor complete the Physical Exam portion of the DMEF
Step 6. Submit the completed DMEF with all the test results to your APPO or AMC POC