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Medical Disqualifiers

Incomplete medical information or having a certain medical condition is the primary reason an individual will not deploy or is delayed. Individuals are not allowed to deploy with certain medical conditions. Click here for a current list of disqualifying conditions (*Note: This list is not all inclusive; it is difficult to list all conditions that would disqualify someone from deploying. If you have one of the conditions identified or believe you may have a medical condition that would prevent you from deploying, please highlight this information when it is sent to your administrative point of contact.  You will be reimbursed for your physical and dental exams only. If the UDC Doctor requires additional tests or corrective medical procedures to determine deployability, the cost of these additions will be paid by the deployee.

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Dental work is not reimbursable. The initial exam and required x‐rays is reimbursable but any additional dental work such as cleanings, cavities, at the cost of the employee. It is the same with physicals required by the PPG and MOD 11. If an employee is not able to have the physical and vaccinations completed at the occupational health facility, they may still be reimbursed for those costs up to a certain amount.   


Contact the USACE Deployment Center


Contact the USACE Deployment Center