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As the peace talk’s loom, and the Afghanistan USACE District maintains its course for success, it will continue using economical engineering solutions to build stability in the region, employing local labor, empowering them with the ability to see the fruits of their own labor.
As Afghanistan National Army and National Police security forces are in fierce fighting with insurgents to bring peace and prosperity to the region, they need better accommodations in all security bases throughout Afghanistan.
With a diverse team of professionals at the #USACE Kandahar Project Delivery Platform, the Engineers, Logistics, Con-Reps, QA Managers, COR's, Contracting, Admin Support and Submittal Coordinator were all focused on their jobs, while the Detachment Sergeant was focused on the task at hand, taking a simple group photo. Seems you never know what an #engineer is thinking.
An amended Change of Command ceremony that both reflects the significance of change but yields to the reality of the theater focus and priorities, was held at the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers Transatlantic Afghanistan District Headquarters, Bagram Airfield July 15, 2019 as the mantle of command transitioned to Col. Chris Becking from Col. Jason E. Kelly.
The mission of the Transatlantic Afghanistan District is to deliver critical host-nation security infrastructure and coalition advisory platforms in support of long term stability and international terrorism containment efforts in Afghanistan.

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Archive: 2018
  • December

    Afghanistan District Year in Review: 2018

    We are USACE, We are the Afghanistan District and we look back on a very successful delivery of fast, affordable, and quality projects to build capacity within the population of Afghanistan in order to shape the future.
  • More power to you

    “You know you give me a transformer or generator that’s not working, I’m your guy, when it comes to writing stuff down on paper, probably someone else could do it”, said Hodges.
  • Big things do come in small packages, a.k.a. Bonnie Corbin

    Rehired Annuitants are a huge part of our USACE workforce. This cadre, is comprised of retired Federal Civil Service employees who provide readily available support in the event of natural or man-made disasters and for other important USACE missions as needed.
  • Deputy District Engineer earns Superior Civilian Service Award

    Mr. John E. Drake II, distinguished himself by exceptionally meritorious service as the Deputy District Engineer for Programs and Project Management Directorate (PPMD) during his volunteer deployment to the Afghanistan District in support of Operation FREEDOM’S SENTINEL from July 31, 2017 through his redeployment to CONUS mid- December.
  • Key Leader Engagement bonds enduring partnerships for USACE building capacity

    The USACE Marmal Project Office participated in a Key Leader Engagement recently with the 2nd Brigade, 20th Pamir Division, 209th Corps Garrison Commander, COL Rahemhullah, out of Faizabad District (Badakhshan Province).

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