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Contracting With The Transatlantic Division And Its Districts

The Transatlantic Division does not award contracts directly. Rather, contracts are awarded by the districts within the Transatlantic Division. A Small Business office, located at the Middle East District in Winchester, Va., services the division.

Middle East District

Transatlantic Afghanistan District

Transatlantic Division

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To accomplish its design and construction missions in the U.S. Central Command Area of Operations, the districts of the Transatlantic Division award and manage contracts that support the United States’ goals for security and stability in this region.

  • • The districts in Afghanistan are focused on delivering construction projects and services that create the conditions for improved security, governance and commerce. Much of the work in Afghanistan is scheduled for completion by 2014; therefore, the majority of remaining contract awards are scheduled to be made by early calendar year 2013.
  • • The Middle East District accomplishes projects that support U.S. military operations in the region, as well as foreign agencies that request engineering assistance using the appropriate U.S. government authorities for such work. This district has worked in this region for decades and awards and administers contracts to complete the authorized projects.

    The districts use a variety of contracting tools to award contracts, following the Federal Acquisition Regulations and its supplements from the Defense Department, Department of Army, and USACE. Most contracts are firm-fixed-price.

    Full and open competition is the preferred contracting method, but there are instances where other authorities supplement the contracting processes:

    • Section 886, Public Law 110-181, FY2008 National Defense Authorization Act, created the Afghan First Program to create business opportunities for Afghan companies and jobs for Afghan citizens to promote economic development and create the conditions for stability. This set-aside program is generally for small projects such as a police compound. (See DFARS Subpart 225.77)
    • Section 801, Public Law 111-84, FY2010 National Defense Authorization Act, provides temporary authority to limit competition to, or provide a preference for, products and services that are from the Northern Distribution Network or another major route of supply to Afghanistan. Additional information.
    • When a foreign nation seeks USACE assistance, written agreements are required between the host nation and the United States. In some instances, the agreements may specific a preference for local contracts, supplies or materials.

    When the districts anticipate a large volume of work to be completed in a relatively short period of time (such as during contingency operations), they may award multiple award task order contracts (MATOCs) or single award task order contracts (SATOCs). When awarding those contracts, full and open competition is used. In most instances, individual task orders are awarded on a competitive basis to the MATOC holders.

    Transatlantic Afghanistan District

    Current contracting opportunities for the Transatlantic Afghanistan District:


    Find Contracting Opportunities

    For upcoming opportunities, the official source of information for government contracting opportunities is the Federal Business Opportunities website. This free online listing of government contracting opportunities includes upcoming procurements (over $25,000) and sources sought announcements.

    Become familiar with the district websites within the Transatlantic Division. They may list upcoming opportunities, contract awards and other general information.

    Middle East District

    The Middle East District's Contracting Division is dedicated to providing world-class contracting services that meet customer requirements and deliver project awards within authority and budget and on schedule.

    Visit Our Contracting Division

    Contracting With USACE

    You must register in the System for Award Management database.

    Almost any contract outside the United States requires Defense Base Act (DBA) Insurance.

    Companies interested in doing business with USACE will require a DUNS (Data Universal Numbering System) number to be involved with federal contracting activities. Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) provides DUNS numbers, a unique nine-digit identification number, for each physical location of your business. Obtain a DUNS number by calling (866) 705-5711 (7am-8pm CST). The automated process has several steps before connecting you to a person who will assign the DUNS number(s). The process takes between 5 and 10 minutes. Alternatively, you may click here for information about D&B, DUNS numbers, frequently asked questions and to obtain a DUNS number(s). Please note that obtaining a DUNS number via the website takes one business day.

    To perform work in many countries in the USCENTCOM area of operations, you may need to be registered in the Synchronized Predeployment and Operational Tracker (SPOT), a system required to manage, track and maintain visibility of contractors located in contingency operations areas.

    Foreign firms interested in government contracts overseas are required to obtain a NATO Cage Code. Directions and online forms are available through the Defense Logistics Agency.

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