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Operation Inherent Resolve

Forward Engineer Support Team - Kuwait

 In support of operations to counter the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, the President has authorized up to 3,000 military members in Iraq. Technical support forward is provided through USACE Forward Engineer Support Teams-Advanced (FEST-A) .The primary focus of USACE capabilities will be building assessments, base camp master planning, and base camp development. 

FEST assessments are not limited to Iraq but could also include other countries such as Kuwait, Jordan or Qatar.

Transatlantic Division – Kuwait (TAD-KU)

TAD-KU provides detailed planning and liaison to anticipate future requirements; support to USACE sourced teams, and technical experts in support of counter Islamic State missions.

Staff Augmentation to Coalition Forces Land Component Command-Iraq

This cell augments the CFLCC-I staff stationed in Iraq help develop repair and refurbishment packets for the local contracting command. The team will then oversee the repair/refurbishment projects on behalf of the local contracting command.

Interested volunteers should follow the guidance in How To Apply as the requirements are growing and changing.

Common Types of Positions

The following are examples of commonly needed positions in Kuwait:

  • Electrical, Mechanical, Structural, and Civil Engineers -  Conducts assessments of existing facilities/infrastructure to determine suitability for use by coalition and/or host nation, including structural condition, sewer, water, and electrical power. Prepares design, specifications, and initial cost estimates for repair of existing infrastructure or construction of new facilities.
  • Environmental Engineer: - Conducts environmental compliance assessment review visits and other scheduled staff reviews at installations to assess environmental compliance and evaluate the management, operations and maintenance of environmentally significant activities and utilities.
  • Emergency Operations Specialists - Emergency Operations Specialist: Serves as the USACE Liaison Officer (LNO) to the supported Army Command. Provides supported Army Command detailed information on USACE engineering capabilities activities under USACE authorities in the Overseas Contingency Operation (OCO) to enable development of the supported Army Command Common Operating Picture.
  • Program Managers - Program managers either direct or personally perform duties such as establishing, scheduling, and monitoring programming, planning, design, construction, and procurements actions to ensure project completion in accordance with established schedules.

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