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The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Transatlantic Division, Public Affairs Office is located in Winchester, VA.

“Public Affairs fulfills the Army’s obligation to keep the American people and the Army informed, and helps to establish conditions that lead to confidence in America’s Army in its readiness to conduct operations in peacetime, conflict and war.” FM 46-1

The Public Affairs Office is the initial contact for the public and the media for information about the USACE Transatlantic Division and its programs, policies, operations and activities. Public Affairs specialists serve in direct support of the Division’s Public Affairs programs, each responsible for specific geographic and functional areas. Public Affairs staff members prepare information products for both internal and external audiences. The Public Affairs Office supports the Division in a wide variety of other activities, including the management of the Division’s Web presence.

TAD Chief, Public Affairs - (540) 678-3032

USACE Headquarters Public Affairs contact information.

USACE HQ Chief, Public Affairs — (202) 761-0011

Deputy Chief, Public Affairs — (202) 761-0014

Civil Works
Civil Works Program, Budget and Appropriations, Civil Emergency Response, Corps Reform, Cultural Resources/Tribal Issues, Coastal Louisiana, Drought, Everglades, Missouri River, Devils Lake, Upper Miss Study — (202) 761-7690

South Atlantic, Great Lakes and Ohio, Mississippi Valley and Northwest Division Issues; Regulatory/Wetlands Permitting, Natural Resources Management and Recreation —
(202) 761-1807

Dam Safety and Levee Safety — (202) 761-1809

Military Programs
Military Construction, Real Estate, Research and Development, Contingency Operations, Human Resources, Counter-Terrorism — (202) 761-1806

Emergency Operations
Emergency and Contingency Operations and Planning — (202) 761-1808

Environmental Issues, including Formerly Used Defense Sites, Defense Environmental Restoration Program and Formerly Utilized Sites Remedial Action Program — (202) 528-4285

Speechwriter for the Commanding General — (202) 761-4686

Strategy and Plans
Strategic Plans and Policy — (202) 761-1801

Brand Management, Exhibit Program, Web Planning and Development — (202) 761-0289

Command and Electronic Information
Electronic Media — (202) 761-0343

Newsletter Editor — (202) 761-1808

Visual Information — (202) 761-5278